A siwa can be dirty minded to make her friends laugh.if someone wants to fight a siwa they will surely end up in the hospital.a siwa is a very good friend and is very true with her friends.a siwa is very athletic and likes football the most.a siwa is also thick and funny.
That siwa Is very good at football and I won't want to fight her.
by Urban12341234 February 23, 2017
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A person that appears on Google and Youtube when you want to search for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
Person: *searches for JoJo's Bizarre Adventure by typing jojo*
Google: JoJo Siwa
Person: Who the fuck is this
by stixfix August 12, 2019
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jojo siwa, the little bratty blonde girl that was on dance moms who’s hairline is receding and needs some jesus. she’s also talks at the speed of light.
jojo: heywishvsiwoendveikwbevdjwksnbfdhdkbxbd
person 1: what did she say?
person 2: idk man she’s jojo siwa
by goatpenis69 January 13, 2019
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A measurement of length, time, volume, distance, percentages, amplitude etc. based on increments of 15. Derived from the age of celebrity JoJo Siwa, who has been 15 years old for the past 15 years
Person 1: Hey do you remember that time we did that thing?
Person 2: Oh yeah! That was a whole jojo siwa ago!
by Aviator15 May 4, 2021
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A really annoying over the top loud girl that wear really big bows ( ugly)
Omg did you just see JoJo siwa walking down the hallway!
by JoJo not siwa October 4, 2019
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Jojo siwa is a spooky thing. Shes like the demon you see in the corner of your room at night. Her ponytail it legit looks like her scalp. Shes balding at the age of 15. Also when she speaks it sounds like some weird language. Beware of the bows, they will get cha.
Omg last night I saw jojo siwa
Omg me 2 I couldn't understand anything she was saying!
by AnythingIsPossiblee September 4, 2018
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