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1.(n) jewish month around the time of may or june
2.(n) feminine name in israel
3. (n)a cool look you can pull off, usually flowy shirts that go along with pretty necklaces; one with a special style
4. one who constantly uses the word awesome because that's what they are
1. it is the month of sivan

2. person1: hey, what's your name?
person2: hello, my name is sivan

3. psh wow that girl is really pretty! she's totally pulling off a sivan with that outfit.

4. i am sivan and i am just that awesome!
by infinity! February 03, 2009
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Pale, Israeli, Guy (Would you BELIEVE it?), blue eyes, auburn hair, freckles, sexy, smart, likeable, good in math, okay in English, bunch of girls have a crush on him for reasons unknown, so so at basketball, always smiling, used to have braces, strangely cute, often compared to Casper the Ghost.
Dylan says to Mikey: Dude, Sivan isn't even that good at basketball! Why do all the girls have a crush on him and not us???
Mikey: Deeeeee.
Dylan: I think it's his gorgeous blue eyes and red hair
Mikey: Deeeee.
Dylan: Dude, I love you!!! Hug it out!!!
Mikey: Pooos.
by The Bikers April 13, 2013
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1. A predominant female name in Israel.
2. The name of the month June
3. The hebrew meaning for Pretty Little Flower
Wow she is so sivan. Its the month of Sivan. I need to go buy a sivan.
by hecceris betteris November 07, 2012
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(noun) usually a muscular, exotic freak who people can love when getting to know. Sometimes referred to as something you can do well. someone who can be related to the act of losing virginity. jewish month.
Wow, she can totally pull off a sivan!
by infinity! February 03, 2009
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