Pre-dating is the period of time before a couple becomes official. It often includes a significant amount of hanging out, flirting, and often times arouses suspicion amongst friends of either or both parties. Also see talking.
Friend #1: You and John have been hanging out alot lately, are you guys dating???
Friend #2: No, we're pre-dating.
by Chontel J September 8, 2005
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Time period which occurs before a couple is officially dating. This span of time includes a significant amount of hanging out (one on one or in a group), flirting, and usually arouses suspicion amongst friends of the two parties. Also see talking.
Friend #1 : Are you and Bobby dating???
Friend #2 : Naw girl, we're pre-dating.
by Chontel September 7, 2005
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The awkward stage of a relationship where the two individuals are spending a lot of time together but have not actually admitted that they are dating.

It is not necessarily a desirable state to be in.

Can also be used to describe two friends of the opposite sex who spend all their time together but who are not actually dating but may as well be. Should not be confused with friends with benefits.
Sandra: So are you and John together?
Jane: No, we're pre-dating at best.
Sandra: Oh...bummer.

Dara: What's up with Laura and Ed?
Anita: Oh, they're pre-dating.
by shortirish November 15, 2010
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Pre-dating is when someone who is in a relationship that they anticipate will end shortly begins meeting up with other people of romantic interest on date-like encounters.

This is usually done in order to gauge levels of mutual attraction and put out feelers of interest before breaking off the existing relationship in order to hasten the transition from being in a couple to dating new people.

Pre-dating can be distinguished from traditional infidelity because it involves identifying areas of romantic tension to follow-up on in the future rather than engaging in a physical or emotional affair in the present. The practice involves deceiving a person's existing partner, however, and many people see it as nothing but straight-forward cheating.
Since me and my girlfriend are probably breaking up when she moves overseas next month, I thought I'd do a bit of pre-dating and see what else is out there.
by K.C.R March 11, 2011
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When two people go out as friends, but one or both parties harbour feelings for the other. Such meetings are used to gauge one's feelings for the other, and usually precede the first date.
William likes Kate. William and Kate regularly meet up as friends and both enjoy each other's company. William slowly develops feelings for Kate. These meetings are known as "pre-dates" and this period is known as "pre-dating".

After which, William and/or Kate propose to go on their first date.
by J F M February 21, 2014
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Not quite a date, where you go out with a person you might be interested in dating and they're totally interested (or vice versa), that you've previously met during an activity where you maybe weren't yourself (e.g. a waitress from a bar where you were totally hammered). A pre-date will normally occur at a location of one of the parties choice (generally the less interested one) where there are other people they know close by, in case the other person turns out to be a psycho (e.g. a serial rapist or axe murderer). First date activities can still happen on a pre-date (e.g. flirting, makeout, OTPHJ, etc.), but the date definitely does not count in any running total and will leave at least one of the parties clueless and looking forward to/nervous for the actual first date.
Andrew was really excited for his first date with An, until he found out the location was where her brother worked, making it a pre-date.
by ARCdotCOM September 16, 2009
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The initial informational-interview type meeting with someone met through an online dating service.

Typically involves a drink, right after work, during the week. Sometimes this psuedo-date can carry over into dinner if both parties are interested.
Fifi is getting tired of the same ol'pre-date format. She'd rather take a walk in the park.
by Flea Sisters July 17, 2004
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