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The streets are typically home to a diverse population of people and groups. Some of these groups, include hoes, bitches, fucks, morons, and especially Wyatts and other names of that nature. Many alcoholics and nicotine fiends also belong to the streets.
Me: “Is that Wyatt?”
Dylan: “It sure is, but he belongs to the streets.”
Whole group: “STREEEETS”

Whole group: “STREEEETS”
by ClaimedByTheStreets November 03, 2019
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Oh youre just being alive? I’m horny too
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by ecogoth January 01, 2021
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The brit Mike Skinner's group that consists of talking/rapping about everyday problems and life. If you have any depth at all, you'll appreciate the rhymes and content of this music.
But there is just one little thing that's really really, really really annoying me about you, you see, yeah yeah like I said you are really fit, but my gosh, don't you just know it?
by John April 11, 2005
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most innovative amazing urban artists to come out of the UK for a long time. not many people can relate to their music purely because it is aimed at us working class 18-30 year olds who have tried illicit substances, drank to the brink and got in fights. however Could Well Be In is my fave off the second album and its me and my bfs "Song"! something a bit different, eh???
"i saw this thing on ITV the other week, that if she plays with her hair shes probably keen, shes playing with her hair well regularly, so i reckon i could well be in" Could Well Be In from A Grand Don't Come For Free
by ally_kos July 31, 2005
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I often tell my friends there are only two good rappists (sic). "Who, Vanilla Ice and Eminem?" "No, Weird Al and The Streets." There's just something uniquely amazing and beautiful about rapping in proper English.
"Cuttin' the finest cuts of chicken from the big spinning stick"

"Oh the pizza's here, could someone let him in please?
We didn't order chicken.
Not a problem we'll pick it out.
I doubt he meant to mess us about.
After all, we're all men here, not louts."
by Tim May 10, 2004
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One of the best white rappers ever. Brimingham born white man armed with a man and some synthetic beats, greatly underrated
by The G November 21, 2003
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The British artist Mike Skinner...his sheer brilliance is displayed in his first album "Original Pirate Material." A visionary with a penchant for catchy verse with a deeper meaning.
"We first met through a shared view / she loved me and I did too" ~From the album Original Pirate Material
by Ronamo March 30, 2004
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