Singaporean-accented English.
Basically, English used by a tiny Asian nation nobody knows until it sounds so Asian you don't understand it; even though the people there are much much smarter than you.

Derived from British, Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, Indian, and Arabic words amongst others.

Similar to Manglish in Malaysia.
- "lah" the most famous and common example. Randomly added before commas and periods for no apparent reason.
"ken you help me wit fix car, lah?"
"yah lah/no lah!"
"you wan go die lah?"
"why ken not get A prus prus in skool no lah?!"

- "leh" an informal way of saying 'please' or complaining
"gimme soy sauce leh"
"las night, I driving on PIE and dis lorry driver near crash me leh!"
"wai you say 6÷2(1+2) = 1 mah?? you so stupid leh"

- "lor" - from Cantonese, used to emphasize a point
"you not study, then you go die lor!!!"
" how come I ask you call me wai you not call me leh?!"

- "meh" used like a question mark
"really meh? you got fired from job?"

- "sia/siao" - used in expressing disapproval, siao = more crude, 'crazy'
"dat lady look at me so crazy sia"
"waah! you get new toyota sia!"
"siao lah! you go and die you kena sai!"

- "izzit" from 'is it', but slurred
"dis disc, play well izzit?"

- "got" used as a questionable demand
"I ask you to get me the stuff; got or not lah?"
"why you got chewing gum! chewing gum ban in singapore!"
"50% off!? WHERE GOT!!?"?

-"can" asking whether one is able to do something
"yah, I fix by tomorrow, can, can!"

- "-ed" allows any word to be made into a verb in Singlish
"the cat dieded when hit by car"
" wah, las night he try kis da girl, I saw him get smacked-ed!" (pronounced smackd-id)
"he orredy writed da check! go bank cash now!"
by Shigeru Miyam0t0 May 21, 2011
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1. sort of available but not fully ready for a relationship
2. half in and half out emotionally and physically
My friend was going to set me up on a blind date but decided against it, since I’m singlish.
by WeNeedAnswers July 5, 2020
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1. When you type the Sinhala language (spoken by Sinhalese in Sri Lanka) using English alphabet.

2. When you use English words in Sinhala grammatical structure in an attempt be posh.
1. "Adoo Singlish walin type karnna epa, Unicode walin gahapn" - Bro, Don't type in Singlish. Use Unicode.
2. "Mama yesterday beautiful puppy patiyekwa dakka anaa, So cute anaa!" - I saw a beautiful puppy yesterday, He was so cute.
by Gandassaara February 17, 2021
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To be kinda held down by a significant other, but you're not official even though you've acted like a couple for a long time
"My heart goes out to that nigga I heard he's singlish"
by zerodetg January 28, 2018
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Singapore Spoken english with mixture of dialects .
How spoken Singlish like : Today weather so hot lah, why so kiasu
by retroworldnews September 26, 2020
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