These parents are so kiasu! School hasn't started yet for their Primary One children and they're already buying tons of assessment books.
by Dissipate April 4, 2004
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Wah one time take so much!
Don't so kiasu can or not!
by ---- March 3, 2003
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being greedy.. very very greedy...
E.g in a buffet restaurant
wa.. u so kiasu for what? one shot take 5 plates.. can finish or not?
by Tristan Legolas September 11, 2004
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FOMO 2.0, which is about unhealthy or selfish fear and insufficiency. A Hokkien word for the oft-irrational fear of not getting enough or of losing out to others.
Members of the public in Singapore had to wait until February to get hold of the 2021 primary one math textbooks and workbooks, which is based on the new MOE syllabus, because a number of kiasu tuition center owners had called the bookstores in December to reserve dozens of these new titles, leaving zero copies for those who couldn’t buy them from school bookshops.
by MathPlus February 28, 2021
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(of a person) having a grasping or selfish attitude arising from a fear of missing out on something.
Weijian is Niaoji Kiasu, he has no life.
by sir john ligma July 12, 2021
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The sociological equivalent of “Women Are Crazy, Men Are Stupid”—the unspoken observation about two neighboring frenemies, who are afraid of losing out and who are afraid of dying.
The foreign publisher is consulting its lawyers on whether the Singapore government might ban the sale of “Singaporeans Are Kiasu, Malaysians Are Kiasi,” which pokes fun at the idiocies and idiosyncrasies of Singaporeans and Malaysians.
by MathPlus June 22, 2018
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