It means 'crazy' in the Chinese dialect of Hokkien.
Don't siao!

Fucker ratted out on me! Siao liao lah
by Soon June 1, 2004
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Siao is the most talented person you could meet. Also one of the funniest people you’ll know in your lifetime. Usually having the most beautiful and radiant skin complexion. She has a big heart yet many people hate her because she got more going for herself than they do. The best part is that she doesn’t care at all. She glows in and out of the sun and is super beautiful, beyond bad. She’s rare. If you come across one which is least likely, you HAVE to wife her.
Hater 1: “The Guy I like is in love with siao, she thinks cause she’s talented everyone wants her.”
Hater 2: “SAME. Ugh I wish I could be in her shoes.”
by Everyhandleisout September 15, 2018
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你要怎样dee siao他?
叫猪肉lah... 他就不吃啊。
by LimPei February 26, 2010
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The teacher almost kee siao after marking all the ridiculous answers.
by Nahte79 April 5, 2016
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the most extreme insult of all time, an insult more powerful than the "no u" insult. use these words carefully, as whoever you're directing this to might die a violent, bloody, painful death.

be sure to immediately scream this insult as loud as you can after you hear 'no u' to prevent your own death.
kid: "HAHAHAHAH ur mum gay lol"
kid2: "no u-"

kid2: *dies in a way too painful to describe. very bloody and messy.*
by daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang bro February 16, 2022
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means a crazy woman, say it to guys whom you are irritated at to get the best reaction :)
Friend: *keeps kicking your chair from behind*
ME: "siao za bo!"

Friend: *cries and reports me to the teacher*
by wahoo69 April 15, 2022
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A powerful gang lead by a charming prince who stays in the land of woods. Hes single and available by the way.
Siao eh, wanna join my siao eng gang not?
by Xiao Eng Gina February 5, 2022
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