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Sad noise coming from an annoyed, unhappy depressed person, e.g child...
"My head hurts.. waah"
by Kamber August 06, 2005
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a word used when a person is frequently bitching or complaining about something. a perfect example is that person in the backseat of the car on the snickers commercial.
Boy 1: "duuude im so tired of walking my legs hurt so bad!"

Boy 2: "WAAH!"

Boy 1: "wow alright asshole ):"
by anttwoonnnn May 01, 2010
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A word, or exclamation, that can be difficult to define due to its context. The word can be used as a greeting when uttered quietly, usually accompanied by a nod or salutation. It can also have an expressive function, as an expression of anger or frustration. Used in this context, it functions as an abstract noun, as one may be in a state of 'wah'.

The most common usage of 'waah', however, is when a group of friends are driving along a high street and shout 'WAAH' at individuals or groups of people. This form of 'waah' serves no particular semantic meaning or purpose, other than scaring the public or exposing the nation to the 'waah' phenomenon.
*Group of friends driving down a high street* "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH"

Old Woman: *Drops her shopping and screams in fright*

Group of friends: *Laughter*

Plural & possessive: Waah's
by Richie-G July 10, 2011
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A Shorter, Easier way of saying 'Don't Cry about it'.
Steve "Why didn't you turn left there it would have been so much quicker?"

Joe "Waah mate fucking waah"

Steve "fuck off!"
by b3no August 20, 2009
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Directed at anyone who complains about anything.Originated on Howard Stern where Artie would say "Wah" in response to the most heartbreaking stories.
Man #1: I was raped and then lost my house because I couldn't work.
Man#2: Wah!
by FrankinQueens June 22, 2005
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An expression used to say "got you" in jest, sometimes to razz a friend/provoke a reaction. You might even suggest something deragotary about them that you know is not true, just to see their reaction/get them excited. Then you usually then say "waah"! to them to let them know you were just trying to screw around and get them going.
Eric is a joker and wants to get his pal Bill, who is obsessed with hygiene, going. They have both just stepped out of their dorm showers and Bill has just finished putting on his deodorant etc.:
Eric: "Geez Bill, you still smell extra rank today - didn't you just take a shower too?"
Bill (with a very puzzled look on his face): "Yeah, i guess. Maybe i should see a doctor"
Eric (with a big smile on his face): "WAAH"!
by WordFreak September 17, 2005
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