It’s the native language in Singapore… Apparently.
A colloquial dialect that is somewhat similar to Manglish (A colloquial dialect in Malaysia) and is just as intimidating to those who are not familiar with this form of dialogue. Contrary to popular belief, people who converse in singlish are not retarded. It is just an articulated form of the “culture” being expressed through incoherent speech.
It goes something like this:
“What lah – (insert a bunch of made up words that make you go “WTF” here) – Mee Siam.”

The government had a huge hoo-hah concerning the liberal usage of this language some years back. This was clear evidence that the government had way to much free time on their hands…Wayy – too – much – free – time!
Prime minister of Singapore addressing to the nation: “I’ve had enough of this popcockery! Singlish must go… Now!”
Singaporeans: “awwwww …buggermaquilt.”
by Narutard Worshipper February 21, 2006
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Singapore's very own version of english. A much curt and impatient form of english for those that reside in this rat-raced cosmo city.
Example of a singlish term:"Don't talk cock lah you"
Talk Cock means to spew nonsense from one's mouth or to utter ridiculous contentions.
by Anonymous August 4, 2003
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Singapore's English. A mixture of English with our local dialects.
skius: tellin' someone to give way. Short form of 'Excuse me'
by iamyourmother June 9, 2003
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most based language, used in Singapore and similiar to Manglish
contains words from different dialects of Chinese, Malay, Tamil, and corruptions of english
scares away foreigners but funny if you can speak it
guy: ahh them ang mo punks si bie jia lat leh, try corrupt our gahment one
ang mo: wat's this, singlish?
by leviticus 20:13 August 13, 2023
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Singlish- you damn bad lah think what? so big ah?
by iliveinsingapore,whatever December 15, 2010
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A super retarded non-language. Similar to ebonics but for asians.
John: Is that guy retarded? What the hell is he talking about?

Bill: Well he probably is retarded but he's speaking "singlish" I think.
by Bobbob424242 December 31, 2011
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"legally separated" or "divorce filed, but not yet final".
ANNA: So, are you married, or not?

BOB: I'm singlish.

ANNA: Singlish?

BOB: Divorce filed, but not yet final.

ANNA: Cool. So, let's fuck!
by Bar Bare-All Eden June 10, 2006
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