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It’s the native language in Singapore… Apparently.
A colloquial dialect that is somewhat similar to Manglish (A colloquial dialect in Malaysia) and is just as intimidating to those who are not familiar with this form of dialogue. Contrary to popular belief, people who converse in singlish are not retarded. It is just an articulated form of the “culture” being expressed through incoherent speech.
It goes something like this:
“What lah – (insert a bunch of made up words that make you go “WTF” here) – Mee Siam.”

The government had a huge hoo-hah concerning the liberal usage of this language some years back. This was clear evidence that the government had way to much free time on their hands…Wayy – too – much – free – time!
Prime minister of Singapore addressing to the nation: “I’ve had enough of this popcockery! Singlish must go… Now!”
Singaporeans: “awwwww …buggermaquilt.”
by Narutard Worshipper February 21, 2006
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In Jesus’ Official Shit List

An acronym for the popular phrase: “In Jesus’ Official Shit List”. The acronym was originally a part of a larger acronym - HDIFTBIJOSL - which Stands for: “How does it feel to be in Jesus’ official shit list?” This particular acronym was rarely used as people had a hard time memorizing eleven letters and executing them properly without looking like a total idiot. Eventually it was shortened to, IJOSL.

Unlike WWJD (what would Jesus do) which is meant to help an individual make morally right decisions in difficult situations, this acronym is used to inform a person if he/she has done something wrong – something terribly, terribly wrong.

It has not been proven that such a list actually exists – but one can only speculate that somewhere beyond the incomprehensible spectrum of reality; resting on Jesus’ desk, sits a meter long list of names with the word “shit” capitalized across the top most part of the list.

Those unfortunate few who have made the list will not be invited to Jesus’ tea party – Which experts believe will take place just before the apocalypse.

Some notable people who have made the list:
.Kevin Federline
.Bill O'Reilly
.Darth Vader(Jesus is a total starwars fanboy)
.Star Jones
.Kevin Federline (yes. Jesus added his name twice. It wasnt a mistake)
.The invisible man turned pervert
.Pontius Pilate
.Paris Hilton
.me (oh crap - what did I do to offend Jesus this time!?)
Oh Judas, dude - How could you nark on me man? Ok thats it - you are now IJOSL!
by Narutard Worshipper February 22, 2006
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rice crispy treats + Jesus! = Christ crispy treats(its that simple people)

A tasty snack that the pope would endorse – if it actually existed. (One can only hope)
Mention of this factitious snack is often used to offend hardcore Christians. It usually backfires on the user however.
Oi! Get your own Christ Crispy treats you friggin heathen!

You could be doing better things right now instead of doing your homework – like eating some Christ crispy treats for example.
by Narutard Worshipper February 21, 2006
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