a wonderful person, very smart,intelligent,beautiful,don´t get on they bad side or you will get beat the fuck up they are loyal if you give them a chance they are positive and happy on the outside but on the inside they are hurting
people with the last name sims will always be there for you...... the best people in the world
by blah blahejfhwdcwfuihc May 23, 2019
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a game where you can learn how to please your girlfriend/boyfriend
i used to be a regect until i got the sims. now im sexually pleasing to everyone i come in contact with
by sarah April 18, 2004
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Best person ever to exist!!
Owns everyone in his path.

<3 sims
sims owns all

<3 sims
by shads July 14, 2004
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parliment menthol light cigarettes. most amazing goodness and when they touch my lips it tastes so good.
"Hey Gil, can't I get some sims?"
by Jenna T. October 14, 2006
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the definition of sims is the same as trash at fnf, a sims is the worst player out of everyone, he has no friends and jacks off gf from fnf. he is bad at fnf and it took him 3 weeks to finish accelerant! a sims sucks ass
i fucking hate sims
by boopaguy March 20, 2022
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the absolute worst at any game possible like what the fuck sims are absolute dog shit at any game especially fnf. my god, sims are absolute shit i fucking hate them fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck lil bitch sims are so damn annoying i hate them they will yell at you for taking their guns in fort even tho he dont know how to use them and if i took a sims kills he would scream at me, almost deafening
i hate sims sm

by boopaguy March 22, 2022
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