A Person who simps for ALOT of people or Fictional Characters
"You should see how many people they simp for"
"They are like, the Ultimate Simp"
by CottonDreams June 01, 2021
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To simp so hard that you don’t text or talk to your friends unless you desperately need help.
Bro Christian is such an ultra simp. He texted me for the first time in a month asking for help with homework.
by LilCrouton September 16, 2020
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Someone called Luis who does much more than needed for his crush, Emily (aka omelette)
flame: Ayo did you see that Ultra Simp?
Harry: Yeah he is a massive simp
by Flameworthy October 31, 2020
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Emily and Jake :)
there is an unequal simp vibes between Emily and jake. One is simping for the other at different times
by Emekeg August 12, 2020
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for those who simp for the discord server utopia omg who wouldn't
person a: "hey have you heard of the utopia discord server?"
by im literally jay asf March 03, 2021
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(Not exclusive to Males) A person who gives a lot of attention to the right person not for superficial reasons like looks but for everything so basically loving them unconditionally and loving them for who they are not because of physical attractiveness.
by Human07 July 15, 2021
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