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A synonym for perfect, beautiful and all other good things you can say to a girl.

Some authers use this as a psuedonym to express a person with the same values.
by Romeo December 07, 2004
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Originate from the latin word "caecus", meaning "blind".

A Silje is usually an evil person leeching of all around her. Often seen leaving her friends bleeding on the ground... after she has checked their mouth for goldteeth.

It is possible, though highly unlikely, to encounter a friendly Silje. I wouldn't trust it.
"It's a Silje! Step on her before she gets to the children!"
by SigurdB May 03, 2010
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A girl who posseses the ability to look like a fucking donkey while she takes a photo with Justin Bieber
"Don't fuck up your picture"
Silje:"I won't"
by thelilshitassdevil January 09, 2016
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