1 - An Attitude, when first waking, to hit everything in your life, from your Treigning to your job, to the relationships and bonds formed with other people, with a relentless and progressive force; to always keep pushing towards success, and continual progress, through both happiness and hardship, with strength of character and unyielding resolve.

2 - In Life as defined by physics, a form of movement, in all things, that is of a constant, progressive state, that begins the moment one wakes and never ceases, even through rest.
J: "Rise and Grind, a Great day lies before us, time to push it to the limit"

K: "With the Olympics so close, it's time to Rise and Grind and begin another amazing day in pursuit of Gold!"
by Koalinho October 25, 2011
A variation of "rise and shine" but replacing shine as grind, as saying having to deal with the "daily grind".
Mike: "Yoooo... man that party was steezy last night, but we have a final exam today".

Nate: "Damn, well rise and grind".
by goodaypo11 November 11, 2010
Morning sex. When the dick rises, the girl get's on top and grinds. A phrase used by women who enjoy having sex as soon as they wake up.
by candy-i March 8, 2011
is an expression meaning that you will wake up and get to grinding your CANNABIS to prepare for a WAKE and BAKE 🔥💨
by Tastik Everything July 4, 2019