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sidwell friends is a school in Washington DC. Here is all the info that you really need to know.
- Sidwell is a very diverse school, accepting to all races and ethnicities and is made up of people from all economic levels.
-Sidwell is mainly democratic but there are many republicans, but that doesn't affect anything socially, because this school teaches one how to see everyone's outlook on life.
-Sidwell is a "quaker school" and incorporates many quaker lessons into teaching, but most students are not quaker, and the stereotypical little peaceful quaker guy is not found.
-Sidwell sports... hmmmm. Sidwell soccer is amazing. The varsity had a record of 16-1-3. Football is not as good, because we are in the MAC. However, we won the championship 5 times in a row and beat St. Albans 31-14 in 2002. Sidwell wrestling kicks ass. We lose only to Georgetown Prep and Landon occasionally. Sidwell Lacrosse is decent, but not amazing. We lose to the powerhouses almost always, (don't need to name them) but we do well otherwise. Sidwell sports are basically average, great in some parts, terrible in others. Our sportsmanship, though, proves that we can win and lose like real men.
-Sidwell is an amazing place, nothing really can beat it.
-Fellow Sidwellians.... isn't that right?
-you can't touch us.
fighting quakers will forever rule!
by A-L-O May 30, 2005
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I see many negative, ignorant, and all around idiotic assesments of Sidwell on
I attended GDS, a niehboring private school for 10 years, andgraduated in 2003. Sidwell was always an institution I respected deeply, even though they rejected my high school application.

Sidwell - Sidwell Friends School, founded in 1883 by Thomas Sidwell, has been the leading academic school in Washington D.C. for several decades, and routinely tops the national rankings list for private school academics. Priding itself on its diversity, as well as its fierce Quaker and consequently liberal values, Sidwell students demonstrate a compassion, friendliness, and acceptance uncharacterstic to more socially elitist/slightly racist nearby schools such as St. Albans, and national schools as a whole. Sidwell has the lowest acceptance rate in both 7th and 9th grade of any private school in Washington, and focuses heavily on class loads and advanced courses. It is not uncommon for a Junior to be taking the classes equivalent to those of a college Sophmore. While many Sidwell students have gone on to be senatores, prominant scientists, and famous journaists (see Howard Fineman and Bob Woodward), even more famous politicians send their children there. (Bill Clinton, Al Gore, and Bill Bradley). Sidwell has the highest percent of its graduates attend Ivy Leauge of any school in the country (average roughly 23%). In summation, Sidwell has some unsavory, like any other school in the country, but overall, the people there are some of the nicest, most brilliant students I have yet to meet.
Sidwell student - "To categorize an entire school population with a quotation is illogical and unethical." (Yes, irony)
by Anonymous January 27, 2005
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IS THAT ALL YOU CAN SAY ABOUT SIDWELL, "4YOURINFO?" first of all, sidwell is a great school. if the only way people can insult us is by our mascot, that is pathetic. we THE BEST academics, great athletics and are a community that cares for each other. we don't try to go and start lame arguments on URBAN DICTIONARY. we are always there for each other and we have the coolest people ever. no one who doesn't go to sidwell can understand how great it is. we are not saying schools like landon and GDS are bad. what i am saying is, sidwell is a kick-ass, awesome school and anyone in their right mind can see that. THUMB UP!!!!!
Sidwell guy: hey you guys did great yesterday in the lacrosse game.
St. Albans guy: thanks, you guys are awesome at wrestling.
Hater guy (from maret): you guys both suck!!!
---hater guy gets beaten up---
by sidwell 4 ever May 03, 2005
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a school full of smart preps who also happen to be hard-drinking and somewhat promiscuous
1st Sidwell kid: Let's pregame the fuck out of the Maret game.
2nd Sidwell kid: Score!
3rd Sidwell kid: Dude, you guys are pussies. Let's pregame SCHOOL.
1st and 2nd kids: DUUUUUUDE. I'm fuckin ALL OVER that shit.
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A kick-ass school with guys that frequently pimp Holton, Madeira and NCS women. G'town Prep likes to think it can compete, but no one ever liked them anyway.
Holton girl 1: Why was that guy such a dick?
Holton girl 2: He goes to Prep.
Holton girl 1: Ah. That explains a lot.
Holton girl 2: Hey, let's go get wasted and act slutty to pick up sidwell guys.
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A "Sidwell" is the act of shitting on your foot and then kicking someone in the face.
Person 1: What's up?
Person 2: How 'bout I give you a Sidwell, bitch?
by Ballsack McGregor July 05, 2006
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A kickass school that was founded by quakers but holds the most unquakerly student body EVAR! No cheerleaders :(, and the mascot is the "Fighting Quakers".
by that guy that kicks ass February 17, 2005
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