A beautiful island in the Atlantic. It is an autonomous region of Portugal and is epic.
Person 1: Isn't Madeira so epic?
Person 2: Great minds think alike!
by BritishRage.uk May 4, 2012
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A school full of rich spoiled cunts that love to fuck up meaningful and authentic relationships. They may intern on capital hill to learn politics, but in reality they are pulling some Monica Lewinsky shit. But they are too pussy to actually suck dick. FYI half of them have syphilis.
Guy 1: Hey bro I matched with this hoe on tinder and she’s a senior at Madeira gonna go see her she looks hot af.

by Mr.nj April 21, 2018
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School full of rich, hot, smart girls. They always win; Foxcroft is extremely jealous of them. Madeira girls get any guys; Woodberry, Blueridge, Episcopal, Prep...etc.
Foxcroft girl 1: I heard a Madeira girl got into Stanford...
Foxcroft girl 2: I got into NOVA...
by MADEIRAGIRLSAREHOT January 27, 2005
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school full of girls who are amazing at just about everything. foxcroft girls are just jealous and say so much shit about madeira girls bc they wish they could be one.
foxcroft girl: god i wish i was at madeira. they rejected me so i had to come here.
by foxcrofthater January 31, 2005
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a School of really hot girls who end up flirting with you and leading you on. Then they break your heart by never calling you back. Even if you knew you could only just be friends they never called or even answered their calls. Why because they are scared to admit how they really feel and are scared of getting hurt. And they teach you great words and talk about how they "sweat you."
So why hasn't that girl called you back?
Oh right her name is Shaylyn and she goes to Madeira
by Mainline Prep March 17, 2005
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honestly the lamest school ever. The girls there suck and are the biggest tools. Not hot in any way and think they are the shit
by dykes on the pike March 17, 2010
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Two of my maids graduated from Madeira. That is what a Madeira education will get you, a job as my employee.
Me: What the fuck, you ruined my Gucci shirt, this shirt says DRY CLEAN ONLY on the tag and you put it in the washing machine, are you illiterate?

Maderia Graduate/My Maid: Yes, I am illiterate, I don't know how to read... I went to Madeira.
by Employer February 3, 2005
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