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A mix of every private school in northwest dc. thats right, we have the preppy kids, the potheads, the alternateens, the math nerds (who arent even asian), the minorities. wait, who am i kidding, of course we dont have any minorities. As stupid or bitchy as maret kids can be, they get a better education than other dc private schools, though that doesnt matter to them because all other schools are concerned with is sports and not being called a faggot.
Maret Student #1: Hey lets go take really interesting pictures.
Maret Student #2: Fuck that faggot, lets go punch each other
Maret Student #3: hey hey hey, guys, relax, lets go listen to bright eyes and cry.
Potomac Student: Who said faggot? im not a faggot. Faggot.
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Maret: a school focusing on acedemics, full of incredibly well-rounded, intellectual and talented students who will succeed in life. This is unlike schools like Landon where students cheat on tests. It is also not all boys like STA or not all girls like (NCS) which helps make the kids more ready for society. Even though our mascot isnt great it eats grasshoppers and isnt as weird as quakers. We also take pride in not smoking as much weed as GDS or Field. We are also not a perverted school like Landon.
maret kid:i go to maret
landon kid: look at this new porn, mabye i can find some way to hide my answers in it and bring it to the STA's
STA kid:wats it like to be around girls all day, i dont know, ahhhhhhhh im scared
NCS girl:boys, look boys oooooo boys, i cant get any work done cause im lookin at boys
gds kid (stoned):the bug goes hop, hop
Sidwell kid:lets fight cause we r quakers
Field kid (stoned):man that weed the gds kid sold me was awesome dude
by the future of maret May 01, 2005
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Possibly the best school in DC, simply because of the kids. Funny, liberal (except for a few pesky connies). Doesn't cheat on SATs, like Landon, doesn't have a cheap mascot, like the Sidwell Fighting Quakers. Some really cool girls and guys go there. They aren't all jocky or bitchy like Landon and St. Albans and NCS. And Willis is really ghetto.
"Dude, let's go drink after the dance"
"Cool, Maret faculty don't care"
"Let's go get high after the dance"
"Cool, Maret faculty don't care"
"I love Maret"
"Me too"
by felix the sexy cat November 18, 2004
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Former drug school, taken over and reformed in 1995 by the "Marjo Regime." Even though it is currently an active construction site, the campus still has many wonderful and interesting facilities such as our plywood walls, flooded bathrooms, inaccessible fourth floor, and the fantasic field (which has recently proved its worth as an excellent duck pond). Also quite possibly living in our field is our commonly overlooked politically incorrect mascot, the frog. Student population is representative of all types of children, filling a range of spoiled, Northwest D.C. rich kids to stereotypical rich, preppy, spoiled kids from Northwest D.C. The construction of Phase 2 of the renovation will bring better equipment and facilities to the arts and sciences departments. Hopefully these efforts will turn out better than the ones we have put towards athletics. Our literary arts magazine kicks ass, seemingly because we suck at everything else. And what's more, we're not Quaker.
Maret kid: I'm rich. Thug lyfe.
Other Maret kid:(popping up the collar of his polo) Word.
Sidwell kid: us quakazz gonn bust a cap up yo nigga azz...WHILE ABSTAINING FROM VIOLENCE! WHAT!
Potomac kid: I like fondue...
Potomac kid: yo.
by Wouldn't YOU like to know? March 30, 2005
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Noun. That one kid who nobody notices. He may be in all of your classes but he is invisible because he doesn't contribute to anyone's life.
(halfway through school year)
Bro 1: Dude, I just realized that Morgan doesn't go here anymore.
Bro 2: Who's Morgan?
Bro 1: He's been going here since 4th grade.
Bro 2: 4 years and I didn't even know he existed.
Bro 1: Yeah he's a Maret.
by Lickmydick69 December 13, 2010
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Another school boasting a lacrosse team that leaves Potomac's playing fields every year covered in human feces, putting up an honorable total of 4 goals to Potomac's 29. although to their credit, the fighting frogs display a certain willpower in their athletics that is to be marvelled at. God bless the little guys, they're trying......
Come to think of it I feel terrible writing this definition.
I'm gonna go cry myself to sleep now.
Fun Fact: A recent study has shown that, technically, it is statistically impossible for a constantly regenerating group of people to acquire or produce no athletic talent for as long as Maret has in the time/space continuum that we occupy. Congradulations.

We still love you, Maret.
by toolio April 21, 2005
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a small mexican child who jumped the uk borders and steals every speck of fooin your house.
aha did you see the mexican rag bag maret. what a border jumping bastard.
by feckssakeman October 06, 2008
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