A maneuver that hides a public boner quite effectively. How it is done is to go either side of your crotch with your hand and "swipe" your hand to the opposite side of your crotch and hit your boner. This will cause the boner to go at a vertical position. The key is to have your pants catch your boner at the vertical position.

This technique works pretty much flawlessly when mastered. An expert can even hide a boner without a shirt by using boxers to catch the boner. Trick is to have the underwear go lower than your pants and wear the pants at a good height to cover the vertical boner. You still won't be able to hide the bulge created, but that is awesome to have.

WARNING: Raging public boners still go slightly outward and may still be visible if the force of the restraint is not strong enough to keep the boner back.
Jesse: "That chick was amazing! How did you not get a boner from that?"
Jon: "You kidding me? Of course I had a boner, but I effectively sideswiped it away like magic."
Jesse: "You are a fucking boss."
by neranfafu July 06, 2012
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the process of masturbating by rubbing the penis on the inside of the left or right thigh with the opposite hand
Dude, i had a super-satisfying sideswipe session yesterday.
by rinkle123 January 04, 2011
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a critical observation, especially an oblique one (from a term for a glancing blow with the side of something)
He took a sideswipe at his critics when they accused him of violating their rights.
by The Return of Light Joker August 08, 2009
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Wiping your dick off on a woman's side of ribcage tattoo
When i finished off this broad i sideswiped the remains on her rose tattoo
by readlesworth August 18, 2010
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Applicable to a friend/acquaintance hitting on your girlfriend behind your back.
I was sent overseas by the army then I found out this guy is sideswiping my girl back home. What a sideswiper!
by chuggchuggriff August 03, 2011
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The fast autobot with wheels, and also wreckless.
Sideswipe: I’m gonna slice a con to half!!
by Skylynx June 16, 2021
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When a guy feels like he was just hit by a car because his girlfriend that he thought was just a casual relationship wants him to tell her he loves her, and or she tells him that she wants to get married.
Bob really got sideswiped last night when Tina told him that she wanted to get married. I feel bad for the guy, but oh well he's pussy whipped anyway.
by Soaren Nidabroht December 01, 2010
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