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When the mighty Ogrelord Shrek returns to judge all who do not preserve their layers.
Humans have layers. Shrek's shrock pleasures your layers. If you do not have many layers, you will not be spared. Eat onions to add on to and preserve your layers, for the Shrekoning is among us.
by Shrek is love6969696969696969 February 25, 2014
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When the ogre lord returns from his long journeys. It is also known as "Shrek day". It takes place in April 22nd which is the released date for Shrek.
"Shrek has returned, happy Shrekoning"
by Random Derp July 09, 2015
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The day on which Shrek decides who is Shreked and who is left alive.
The day of your Shrekoning has arrived, Kai.
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by Kaitlyn Jenner November 20, 2016
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A common western coming of age party / tradition where members who have recently turned 14 shove figures of shrek up their rectum
"Wanna go to my shrekoning party tonight?" "Boy that shrekoning was fun!"
by shrek your lord an saviour October 17, 2018
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