Short for 12 gauge shotgun. Mostly Spas 12's or M3's
Person A: I got my shoty in the trunk.
Person B: I got my missle launcher in the car
by PAki chan May 29, 2005
a shotie is a brosley and much wenlock term 4 a bong
are mate lets pop a shotie
by shaun January 15, 2004
A rudimentary bong made with a length of hollow steel tube, about 10cm in length, and a plastic drinks bottle. the bottle is filled a quarter way with water, and a hole is made just above the water line by gently melting the plastic and then driving the tube through it. a small pinch of tobbacco is then INSERTED into the top (dry) end of the tube, then ground cannabis is dabbed onto the tobbacco. the tube is then put through the hole, into the water a little way so it is just above the bottom of the bottle. it is then used in exactly the same way as a bong except you shoot the tobbacco/weed through the tube and into the water.

Common after effects may include being severely blunted and savage redeye.
Yea mate, innit mate, lets get wrecked on shotis mate.

lets go to the alley for sum shotis! INNIT!!
by Spanki June 1, 2007
A little hole on the side of a pipe or bong that you can cover it with your thumb, and lift it to clear the chamber, or device. USED IN FERGUS, ONTARIO.
"Is there a shotie on this?"
"Take your finger off the shotie, and you'll get a mad hoot!"
by Josh & Kat October 13, 2007
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What the hell is SHOTIS?
Spread the conFUsion...
by Eric Elberson October 30, 2007
(Pronounced..Shot-EE).The Award Given to the Shit-Head of The Year.
I Saw That "Chimp Cartoon" in the New York Post.That guy is Definately in the run for the 2009 Shoty!
by Waboa February 25, 2009
One of two things
1: a 12 guage shotgun ur dad uses for your non virgin sister's boyfriends

2: the thing your papi chulo is packaging in his pants
Viviana: where were you
Rachel: helping my brother clean out his shoty
Viviana: whats that
Rachel : just keep walking
by June 15, 2019