You will need, three cans of beans, one container of Canadian maple syrup and a female,midget the shorter the better. Have the female eat all three cans of beans then wait for the usually undesired effect. Once she starts have her get naked and do a head stand, knees down towards the chest and she is to hold her butt cheeks apart. As a side note you might want to brace her against a pice of furnature or some thing? You pour the maple syrup onto her butt hole and when she passes wind you stab the bubbles back into her butt with your penis.
Dude, we were thinking about going out for brunch this morning , but your sister decided on giving us a Canadian short stack at home instead.
by Rufus the pirate October 10, 2017
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Short stack is a short tempered midget that likes to go home after a long day at school and touch himself to pictures of his younger cousin he loves to rub his clit with a tellitubby doll and makes little moaning noises while he does it, he usually does it until his parents come home and lets them walk into his room to catch him when they do he shouts "Yahtzee" and cums all over his mum's face she screams but secretly enjoys it and then his miso walks in and wets herself at the site of it all then he jumps up on all fours and screeches as he jumps out of a window and runs off into the night completely naked
Ohhh look its short stack again he always does that stuff
by Jewdrop crop top August 6, 2018
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ususally as white guy name Trey, thinks hes cool at football but really is just a short fuck.
bro did you see the short stack trying to play? Miss me with that.
by ggevers April 19, 2018
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Short-stack is a word tall people can use as a nickname for their short bestie. Short-Stacks are always loving and kind and can often take a joke. If this describes your short bestie then they are officially a short stack.
Tall Person: Hey Short Stack
Short Person: what does that mean

Tall person: it means your short but I still love you
by Cactus Kid October 9, 2020
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