there is a shoop grazing by that fence, in that field of sheep.
by mrmemrme February 4, 2011
a verb used when one has no time to use the bathroom while shopping so they end up using the bathroom on themselves
The line was too long so I ended up shooping my pants
by Marviesauce March 17, 2011
Singular version of "sheep" because "sheep" for both singular and plural uses are awkward.
by MoarNyan June 13, 2011

1. To fire one's inner lazer.
2. Fired one's inner lazer
3. Firing one's inner lazer.

It comes from the popular video, The Lazer Collection by Dominic Fera(Fear).
2. My brother shooped an old man good today.
3. I was shooping my friend because he didn't return
my material possesion.
by Timothy Ratner October 23, 2007
To shoot poop in anger, usually at a person or object.
Literally you make me wanna shoop.
by Lexthemermaid November 15, 2014
When you shower and poop (not at the same time, but on the same bathroom run)
Lynette shooped so long, we couldn't go to the mall to get new corsets.
by BigDaddyJar September 10, 2012