Multi meaning slang word commonly referred to the word stupid but can take the place of any noun or adjective.

Other forms of Shoop Shoop:
Shooped (Shoop-id), shoopidity, Shoop,

shoo (if your especially lazy(shoe))
That guy "Chrislachris" is a complete Shoop Shoop.

You have to be on a new level of shoopidity to miss that question.
by ChrislaChris March 02, 2016
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A comedic variant of 'shopped (i.e., photoshopped).

Arose from a conflation of two memes - namely, the "Shoop da whoop" and the "This looks shopped" memes. Possibly first used on 4-chan.
"This looks shooped. I can tell by some of the pixels and by shooping a few whoops in my time."
by enoch roote November 06, 2007
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there is a shoop grazing by that fence, in that field of sheep.
by mrmemrme February 04, 2011
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Singular version of "sheep" because "sheep" for both singular and plural uses are awkward.
by MoarNyan June 12, 2011
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1. To fire one's inner lazer.
2. Fired one's inner lazer
3. Firing one's inner lazer.

It comes from the popular video, The Lazer Collection by Dominic Fera(Fear).
2. My brother shooped an old man good today.
3. I was shooping my friend because he didn't return
my material possesion.
by Timothy Ratner October 23, 2007
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