A bastardization of the verb "photoshop". To use photo editing software to digitally alter an image, usually for comic intent.
Visit shoopthat.com to see all kinds of shooped images
by shoopthatadmin March 3, 2010
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The correct term for a sheep (singular)

Geese - Goose
Sheep - Shoop
the shoop stood alone on the hill... as a flock of sheep watched him in silence and awe, for he was a lone shoop.
by jess et laura June 20, 2006
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that word you're always looking for to describe the person who means alot to you:
amazing, gorgeous, sexy, all other similar positive adjectives times infinity
bruh did you see cami furgeson?! she is sooo shoop!
by babybear.shoop February 25, 2009
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JC: "Look Sheep! We must be near Clark Farms."
JB: "You that one over there is black, like clarks oldest child."
JC: "Yeah, that shoop is pretty fucked up."
JB: "Explosion!!!"

by JavC November 10, 2008
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to forcefully shove your hand up a friends butt...could be considered gay but usually not
Scott was bent over so I had to shoop him
by KDoss July 28, 2005
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singular word for sheep, me and alexis made this name because we hate the word sheep.
damn that shoop walked up the hill away from the other sheep.
by the bombest girl ever May 18, 2008
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blend of shit and poop mixed together
by andrew frydmen April 13, 2009
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