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shoegazing is a form of art. this art-form is achieved by playing an electric guitar and using a pedal board, though a big muff pedal is really all that is required. one who shoegazes will generally play their guitar with an extreme reverb and sustain while turning the knobs on their pedal(s) with their feet to create a "wall of sound". thus they are staring at the pedal(s) and eloquently changing the sound constantly, there of. this sound is obnoxious to those who do not enjoy what is known as the "drone" that the shoegaze sound is famous for. "droning" is what renowned shoegazers are known best for. the tempo is typically 120 bpm but the effect that is achieved overall is a very psychedelic wash. the listener is more often then not inebriated when listening to shoegaze. when shoegazing, the musician is often lost in a trance in which the sound and the musician are all that exist on the planet. high volume is a must. though the true sound of shoegazing is not loved by most, those who tend to "space out" on a regular basis find a love for it very quickly. check out my bloody valentine, the jesus and mary chain, the pains of being pure at heart, and other related bands to get a true example of this form of music.
"holy shit! that guy is shoegazing like mad! i'm only on LSD but i also feel like i'm rolling face before God himself!"

"this shoegaze isn't working for me. let's go listen to dubstep."

wesley - you wanna shoegaze?
tallon - fuck yeah. i'm getting my nod on right now and that big muff is calling me.
wesley - well fuck, dude. let me finish this drink and i'll play a groove. we'll gaze all day.
tallon - wanna get some doses?
wesley - it wouldn't be the same without it.
by space-cadet September 24, 2011
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A dance created by indie kids in the 80's. They danced to the Smiths, The Cure, Mary Chain etc, looked downright miserable and stared at their shoes at lot!
by peacenik May 01, 2003
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The act of finding money or valuables on the ground. Popular places to find money on the ground include bars, restaurants, sidewalks and stores. So named because shoegazing effectively requires looking downward - toward one's shoes.

A shoegazer is one who engages in this practice. A find is known as a shoegaze.
I was shoegazing last night at a crowded bar and found a $20 bill on the floor!
by ihavespoe October 18, 2010
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