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Another term for a common Republican, using a bit of alliteration for dramatic effect. Though specifically describing white rural voters who vote against their own economic (and often social) interests by voting Republican, it can describe virtually anybody at a Tea Party rally as well.
Even though the Republicans have very anti-working class policies, these Redneck Republicans keep voting them in.
by ihavespoe October 29, 2010
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A euphemistic term for a gang-affiliated or "outlaw" biker, often used when subtlety requires not identifying the organization by name.
I usually avoid that bar - it tends to be frequented by organized motorcycle enthusiasts. Don't want to get my ass kicked, after all.
by ihavespoe May 10, 2012
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A woman's dress made out of denim.
Is that woman's dress made out of jeans? Totally - she's rocking the Canadian prom dress!
by ihavespoe July 8, 2012
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A self-righteous, confrontational individual whose preferred mode of transportation is a bicycle. They are frequently (thought not always) riding fixed-gear or custom-designed bikes and also tend to have the hipster or bike messenger look. While hippies and bike racers may share their love of bikes, a Bike Nazis is much more likely to be a scofflaw and confrontational toward strangers.

Bike Nazis are often vegan and believe their choice of transportation makes them superior to those who choose to drive cars (and those who drive out of necessity), as well as truckers, public transit drivers and riders, and pedestrians. Critical Mass gatherings are typically populated by a majority of Bike Nazis.

Bike Nazis are quick to confront anyone who gets in their way or questions their behavior, including drivers, pedestrians and even other cyclists. While rarely escalating to full-blown violence (most are all bark and no bite), Bike Nazis are quick to vandalize a car if they feel they can get away with it - also referred to as "U-Lock Justice".

Bike Nazis are also oblivious to the rules of the road, particularly stoplights, crosswalks and stop signs. While they will demand the creation of bike lanes and angrily confront anyone blocking a bike lane, they maintain that the entire road is theirs.
I was almost hit by a Bike Nazi in a crosswalk yesterday. I told him to be more careful and he turned around and started swearing at me. I started walking toward him and he sped off, giving me the finger as he rode away.
by ihavespoe October 29, 2010
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A bowel movement so large that it breaks the surface of the toilet water, creating an island in the bowl.
After all those PBR's last night, I left a huge island in the toilet this morning.
by ihavespoe October 29, 2010
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The act of finding money or valuables on the ground. Popular places to find money on the ground include bars, restaurants, sidewalks and stores. So named because shoegazing effectively requires looking downward - toward one's shoes.

A shoegazer is one who engages in this practice. A find is known as a shoegaze.
I was shoegazing last night at a crowded bar and found a $20 bill on the floor!
by ihavespoe October 18, 2010
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The preferred method of vandalizing a car by a Bike Nazi or other irresponsible or self-righteous cyclist. Because few police agencies wield power over cyclists and they can quickly disappear, the vandal frequently gets away with his crime.

U-lock Justice is the Bike Nazi term for it. Vandalism is the most common term used by normal people, including drivers, auto passengers, pedestrians, police and insurance agencies.

U-lock Justice is often dished out to drivers that the Bike Nazi feels is deserving, though many times it is applied to drivers who simply do not notice a cyclist because they're not riding safely or legally.
Yesterday a Bike Nazi cut me off and I honked my horn. He turned around and whacked my car with a metal bicycle lock, denting my fender. The body shop repairman said I was a victim of U-lock Justice.
by ihavespoe October 29, 2010
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