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v. Petty theft, or to take a small amount of something with or without permission

n. a modest portion
I shniggled her milkshake when she wasn't looking!

Could I get a shniggle of sugar, hon?
by Lil'R June 23, 2011
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a shniggle is something you feel is not quite right about yourself when you are about to meet someone whose image of you is very important.
Aww, man, I am about to go on a date with the most groovy d.j., but there is a shniggle in my hair. I am so bummed! Another example: Oh, I am going to travel to meet my cosmic soulmate tomorrow, but there are shniggles all over the painting I made for him.
by crow-rainbow January 07, 2009
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A) Like intimate snuggling.
B) When you snuggle then start doing sexual favors for your partner.
Girl: Baybay let's Shnuggle!
Boy: Okay, but only for a few minutes. Cause I wanna Shniggle!
by YO$HI1365 September 01, 2010
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