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The act of giving a blow job.
Also can refer to the ejaculate resulting from a blow job.
The act of sucking dick.
1. Shlob on my knob BITCH!!!
2. I shlobbed all over them titties.
3. She is shlobbing on my nuts right now.
by N-Kon April 01, 2007
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The words' origin featured in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, Australia a few years ago. It was Originally used for when someone was wanting something thrown to them. For example, if someone was to be doing the Moonwalk the other would reply, "Shlobbing a Michael Jackson aye bro".
Meaning can also be
Give me
Throw Me
"Dont be a dickhead just Shlob me my phone"
by jezzaa3316 April 09, 2010
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1. Someone who portrays the shlob image very well.
2. A look, not quite a college look, but not so much the surfer look either, but somewhere in between.
3. Often times a listener, fan, or member of the band, O.A.R.
by Anonymous July 08, 2003
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