the way that 'slag' should ALWAYS be said. Without fail.
"You Mug"
"You Shlaaag"
by loubee August 21, 2005
usually said by cockneys in the context to offend people. originating from the word 'slag' meaning a promiscuous woman. also said by geeks 'n' grebs in king's lynn's honourary school KES.
moomin you little shlag! go get my ish from next do'.
by hardcoregeek May 11, 2005
a female or male hat likes to sleep around and is not too popular
beth slade is a stupid shlag and needs to be put down
by Anonymous April 25, 2003
this is to call somebody a slag but in a teasing nature and therefore u put the sh on it, to make it sound like slag even tho it isnt, it is not meant to be offensive it is for humour in a teasing nature
enter a room and say what are you shlags doing none of them are shlaggs you just call them it for a laugh.
example Mello u shlag
by iDanimal June 2, 2011
Started on Xbox Live on Gears of War by me.
'Shlag' is a word that can't offend anyone (Unless their stupid enough to think you said slag)
Shlag is a 'joke' sort of word.
It was a online word, but I used it in school and now people use it all the time.
"You threw my book you cheeky monkey"
"You threw my book you shlag"

"You a shlag"
"No, you a shlag"

"You boomered me!"
"Sorry shlag"
by Gareh September 22, 2007
A shlag that has fleas.
Corr Ash is a proper flea-shlag, she’s been itching all night.
by sloppy shite sam January 13, 2022
Means you have a long list of people that you wish to shag
she has a shlag list
by Sullifany November 29, 2016