3 definitions by iDanimal

this is to call somebody a slag but in a teasing nature and therefore u put the sh on it, to make it sound like slag even tho it isnt, it is not meant to be offensive it is for humour in a teasing nature
enter a room and say what are you shlags doing none of them are shlaggs you just call them it for a laugh.
example Mello u shlag
by iDanimal June 2, 2011
you do something so well that u shout out "im on it like a car bonet" as an act of excitement that u did that something so well.
by iDanimal June 2, 2011
this was made by Dan hall And is my word/phrase if u would like to use it u may, it means to do something really well and also can be used as humour.
fall over and say there we go like a pro that would be for humour.
this is only really used for humour remember this and use it well ;)
by iDanimal May 5, 2011