a word which is funny to say when you get bored, you can randomly say shizzle, and then if the person you're talking to has any brain cells they will say on da hizzle or something completely pointless and stupid like that, it is weird and lame but it fills up hours (it works best if black people say it, i don't know why) and then when you get sick of this pointless crap you can say bizzle which sounds a bit like bye or gizzle (going) or gizzle fizzled nizzle (get fucked noob)etc etc
me:fo shizzle
dude: on da hizzle
me: zizzle
dude: frizzle mizzle
(four hours of pointless moronic izzle noises ensue)
me: gizzle fizzled whizzle
dude: bizzle
me: (unable to bear it any longer)SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!
by Moominbaybee May 29, 2008
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a vague place or thing that only your homies will understand. Can be used for code and sometimes to confuse others.
Hey, can you hand me the shizzle? I was at the shizzle. I'm going to the shizzle after work.
by theBurbs March 27, 2009
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One word, instantly making you feel cool.
"Fo Shizzle ma nizzle"

Beware of old people using this word, they made be paedos.
This can also be used to make an awkward situation funny.

"I slept with your wife last nite"
"Please tell me your joking???"
"Nah man........I hit that shizzle all night"
by GazNVixDicto May 04, 2010
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Fo Shizzle = For Sure

something that snoop dogg and wanks seem to use alot, all of snoop dogg's rhymes seem to end with an "izzle"
by Yuan Da Man November 16, 2004
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Alternative to shit. Good to use around people who you can't really curse around, like parents, teahcers, kids, etc.
You: What teh shizzle wuz dat???

...its kinda gay but who cares
by The Muffin Man X February 02, 2009
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Word most often abused horribly by inexperienced suburban white douche-bags who wish to give themselves some falsified counterfeit form of street-cred. Also used by the oreo cookies who stoop low enough to keep the company of these pathetic weasels.
"Say, Toby, would you like to purchase that new funky fresh cd by Ruben Stoddard?"
"Why sure, Justin, fo' shizzle my nizzle"
by Prince October 18, 2004
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