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One of the many words that will not make one sound intellegent, cool, nor 'pimp.' Nizzle is a slang term for 'nigga' which was a term for a black slave, but now used as a slang term for black people to say to other blacks. If any other ethnicity uses 'nigga' the negro will be highly offended and will most likely 'cop your dome.' The word 'nizzle' was one of the many words to ruin the once-proud English language and has become one of the most annoying words in America. People who are most likely to use this word are nerds who want to sound cool, a black person who thinks nizzle sounds better then nigga, a wankster, white people who wished they were black, rapper wannabes, and people who wished they were someone like Usher.
Person #1: Dis nizzle is in tha hizzy!
Person #2: ...Tucker, what the f*ck are you babbling about?
Person #1: ...I said... "Dis nizzle is in tha hizzy!"
Person #2: Ok you just lost your speaking priviledges.
by Zaraki July 30, 2005
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A commonly abused slang term for "sure" or the profane word "shit." Invented by Snoop Dog and may have became one of the first words to ruin the English language. Most likely to be one of the most annoying words used, and will be most likely to be used by whites or blacks. People who use this word may have gotten it from other people who either really pathetic, or do not choose to sound intelligent.
Person #1: Fo' shizzle mah nizzle!
Person #2: ...die please.
Person #1: F*ck you n*gga!
Person #2: ...do you talk like that to your mother?
Person #1: Dat b*tch ain' doin sh*t for this n*gga.
Person #2: Oh my god.. You're freaking white! Not black! Get over it!
by Zaraki July 30, 2005
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