1. Sure, as part of the phrase 'for sure,' for example.
2. Shit, as part of the phrase 'tha shizzle,' for example.
"Fo shizzle" = "for sure." "Tha shizzle" = "the shit" or something good.
by KingFatty March 24, 2005
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Originally from african american slang for shit or good depending on use of word in a sentence. Shizzle has spread into all parts of 21century life and culture,mainly thanks to american rap artist Snoop doggy dog,it's now used by all races but begrudged when used my lower class white persons.
fo shizzle- for sure
thats the shizzle- thats the shit
shizzle bizzle - shit bitch
by weedboi75 August 21, 2009
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To be cool or to call some THE shizzle, making them or it sound the best

For example;
"Yo dude that shirt is the shizzle, fo show!"
by Ashely1996xx March 30, 2009
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The most useful word in the English Language. Several uses of which include: a noun, verb, and an adjective. The literal definition of which is shit in izzle speak, although it does not have to pertain to literal shit. Shizzle is generally used as a relacement adjective, or an exclamation.
Joe:Dude, did you see that shizzle!?
Carl: Shizzle Yeah!!!
Ted 3: You have got to be Shizzlin me!
Joe: Shut the shizzle up Ted
by Anonymous ( Ted Johnston) February 09, 2009
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Combining a coarse word meaning fecal matter and the newly developed suffix "izzle". Also, Combining Sure with the suffix of "izzle", which was invented by the west coast rapper/actor/pornography star... Snoop Dogg.
-Uneducated person#1: How's it Crackalackin ?
-Uneducated person#2: 'Just saw Girls Gone Wild, Snoop was the Shizzle!
-Uneducated person#1: Fo shizzle my african american brother.
by rap'sdeadforever January 10, 2005
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