i gots mad shizzle up in this tizzle.we are gunna tizzle this shizzle up son. shizzle this my nizzle and see what shizzle u can b.
meaning we got mad pot and we are gunna smoke it and get all bombed out.
by poopy December 17, 2003
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A commonly abused slang term for "sure" or the profane word "shit." Invented by Snoop Dog and may have became one of the first words to ruin the English language. Most likely to be one of the most annoying words used, and will be most likely to be used by whites or blacks. People who use this word may have gotten it from other people who either really pathetic, or do not choose to sound intelligent.
Person #1: Fo' shizzle mah nizzle!
Person #2: ...die please.
Person #1: F*ck you n*gga!
Person #2: ...do you talk like that to your mother?
Person #1: Dat b*tch ain' doin sh*t for this n*gga.
Person #2: Oh my god.. You're freaking white! Not black! Get over it!
by Zaraki July 29, 2005
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It basically means 'shit'. Nowadays 'emos' use the word shizzle as a way of making fun of the people it derived from, but has beome an everyday word in their society. People use it frequently as a way of not quite swearing - so as not to be offensive - it's easy and fun to say.

Also shizzle can mean 'sure'
fo shizzle = for sure
"don't chat no shizzle"
"...and all that shizzle"
"fo shizzle ma nizzle"
by yoda bubble November 22, 2006
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The term was coined when that great Antarctic explorer, Iyam Colderenhel, was on a solo expedition to find the South Pole. Iyam had a penchant for hot seal blubber, and would often consume it at night to chase away the evening chill. It ended up being his doom. One night, while cooking an especially large batch for himself and his sled dogs, he slipped on some ice and spilled the boiling blubber on to his face and chest. It burned away his epidermis, but he actually ended up freezing to death. He managed to write a few words in his journal before he died: "I'm shivering! I'm sizzling! SHIZZLE! SHIZZLE!"
The man was dismayed when the molten lava fried off his arm, but it didn't matter much as someone poured a bucket of liquid nitrogen over his head. He was *shizzled*.
by Kroltan Fukrboy April 22, 2005
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It means the same as shiz and shit and it is used when you don't want to swear.
by NatashaMelissa April 03, 2011
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