Commonly mistaken for a swear word, but quite honestly completly innocent. It is often used to represent one's anger.
Ahh SHIZ! i forgot my language arts assignment where I am currently attending at the 9th grade freshman center in Chaska, Minnesota.
by Muhammad Ali May 5, 2005
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what shiz did you include for the assignment?
do you like shiz?
by shona_boner October 28, 2007
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the exciting mixure of "shit" and "jizz."
-- it's what you get when you have buttsex!
I woke up today with shiz all over my ass.
by G. Dizzle October 5, 2003
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Things or possessions.
"I'll go and fetch my shiz"
by pushtheenvelope September 1, 2006
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sweet chalk used for marking starts at the high jump pit at track meets.

also: sarah and kendra.
Yo, shiz, i need some shiz to mark this. Orange, if you got it.
by kendra (shiz) September 30, 2006
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a word to describe anything, where you could also use the word shit, but you don't have to.
eg. Hand me that shiz over there, so I can put it in the shiz.
by wallass August 18, 2008
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The odd mixture of shit and jizz sometimes found in scat porno movies. It varies in size and content ratio, but ultimately retains its universal milk chocolate color.
"Oh dude, did you see that shiz in the porno movie I sent you?" Says random dude.

"I was fapping so hard to it!" Says other random dude.

"Ugh, you guys are sick." So says the third random person.
by Dontfapatmedood August 12, 2009
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