Originally from the term the shit the shiz is the new way to say cool.
That concert was the shiz.
by Lauren September 12, 2004
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For people who don’t want to take the time and effort to say the shit and instead use the term the shiz
It’s a more family friendly and wholesome way to say the shit

The Shiz is a way to say something is cool or awesome

And saying something is the shiz is basically saying that something is legit
Person 1: hey dawg
Person 2: sup
Person 3: have you guys been to that new restaurant down the street
Person 1: no but I heard it’s the shiz

Person 2: did you just say shiz?
Person 1: yeah we keeping this a Christian minecraft server
Person 3: yasss keepin it family friendly
Person 2: y’all are losers
by Oh really??? April 11, 2019
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Person A: You were a dumbass for drinking 12 beers.

Person B: no shiz. i feel like shit.
by csiguy4589 September 26, 2009
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shiz, man i got grounded for a whole year.
by Wek December 4, 2007
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"are you coming to my party saturday?"
"for shiz dude."
by hellosunshinexx October 6, 2008
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slang for: the best, the coolest, very cool, awesome ect.
The new album by The Distillers is the shiz!
by PaulJar the Pornostar November 19, 2003
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A word that kids use when they aren't allowed to say sh*t or crap.

Popularized by the show ICarly.
You can really say it in any situation, If your happy, mad, excited, or scared.
That's the Shiz.
Aww Shiz!
Oh Shiz my moms gonna kill me.
I just shizzed my pants!
by HeyyyyyyyGirlllllItttsKyleighh February 17, 2015
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