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I'm a shitholer from a shithole country and I'm proud of it!
by dethsky January 12, 2018
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(1) A person who has immigrated from one of the African countries or Haiti, countries President Donald Trump allegedly referred to contemptuously as "shithole countries" or shitholes, at a White House meeting on January 11, 2018. Usually it is asserted either pejoratively about another person (sometimes as a vicious slur) or proudly about oneself.
(2) More widely, usually a self-assertion expressing pride or claiming a badge of honor: a person who has immigrated from, or claims to be a descendent of immigrants from, any country that has been the butt of contemptuous criticism for its impoverishment or for the moral inferiority of its inhabitants.
Sense (2): I am a proud 'shitholer.' My family was called wops and mackerel eaters. I'm proud of that. We came when people from Ireland and Italy were seen as dirty people. Dirty Catholics who didn't belong in a Protestant country. (Philip Mudd on CNN TV, Jan. 11, 2018 )
by qariwa January 14, 2018
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I piss poor Democrat Senator that runs to the media to deliberately embarrass others instead of leading and doing their job.
Senator Dick Durbin is a Shitholer
by gfhgfjgfjhfghtil May 03, 2018
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