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The ex-Confederate states plus the flyover states (e.g., Nebraska) that are heavily pro-Trump.
We the civilized states shall secede and declare independence from this shithole country.
by barrickolbermann January 20, 2018
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When a stable genius evaluates the economic and cultural potential of non-US citizen using a complicated algorithm and assigns a qualative number that defines the potential future generational opportunity growth quotient that sets international policy.
I can say with certainty that no United States of America President would ever call another sovereign territory a "shithole country"....I stand corrected.
by LeJohn James January 11, 2018
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A country endowed with all kinds of natural resources but as a result of bad leadership and enshrined systemic corruption fails to provide basic amenities (electricity, road/rail, water etc.), basic education, basic health care, security, food, job and improved standard of living for her citizens, thereby leading to economic migration of the inhabitants to the discomfort of a foreign country.
Geria is a shithole country, her people live in abject poverty despite having enormous natural resources.
by OOE January 15, 2018
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A “Shit hole” Country can best be described as a place that you would only want to leave from to come to the U.S. .

This is usually done by illegally entering in a sneaky manner.
To further paint a picture of a “shit hole”
country, the type of person that is fleeing their “shit hole “country tends to call soccer ,football, and their main source of income is from drug sales, and I’m not Implying that they work at a pharmacy.

In closing upon making it here to the promised land they will try to turn their new place of home into a “shithole country” and before you know it a sanctuary city will be calm a ”shithole country”.

But will these people ever return home to their “shit hole “country’, the answe is No, why would you want to leave when you get everything handed to you for free, you can collect off of the system and can send you your drug sales, and beat go’s on.
Shithole Country

While vacationing at a fine resort in the Dominican Republic , I was advised by a guard holding an assault riffle not to leave the safety of the resort since the surrounding area was ,and I quote. A “Shit hole” Country.
by Pro stock January 14, 2018
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