One who fucks asses. There is an unspoken implication that said "assfucker" is a male who prefers fucking male asses, i.e. who is gay.
Listen up, assfuckers, we gotta close our Bhagdad office!
by Fred Mijan November 10, 2003
Someone who loves to sodomize (a.k.a. anal sex); a homosexual male. Or any guy who loves to have anal sex with a woman.
by Jack Hitgoud March 28, 2005
Slang for "asshole" When someone does something or says something that is not liked.
by Dubie March 25, 2005
the act of getting assfucked or in other words anal
Guy 1: hey! i had sex with a chick last night
Guy 2: hahaha!! did you perform assfuckation?
by whiteeggstastenice December 24, 2011
1 stupid jack ass/ moron
2 inserting penis into anus
3 useless insault to put others down
hey you stupid assfuck, come here assfuck, fuck you assfuck
by matt July 9, 2004