Very simply taking a dump dropping the kids off at the pool, usually a massive bowl movement that creeps up on you.
Hey Charlie where are you going? I ate some Thai for lunch bro taking the browns to the superbowl.
by nativedetroit75 April 15, 2010
To take a shit, where the shit is Browns and the toliet is the SuperBowl.

Also funny because for many years the Browns have played like shit.

See also Bringing the Browns to the Super Bowl
by TheLievense May 16, 2006
To take a #2, Go Crap, Take a Shit, Make Space after just eating a huge meal.
"I gotta go.. .Taking the Browns to the SuperBowl, they haven't been there in days" or "Taking the Browns to the SuperBowl, no other coach seems to be able to do it lately!"
by tgif099 August 8, 2009