its pretty self explantory, and also a grand alternative for some other cruel words.. and feel free to add in your own versions.. pinapplecakes, crabcakes, bullcakes, asiancakes.. be creative!!
omg the french test was today?!?!?!??! fuck!!

now now.. dont be like that!

sorry.. SHITCAKES!!
by karanna January 17, 2008
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A cake that looks delicious from the outside, but once you cut into it, you find it is full of fecal matter.
I thought it was going to be nice and sweet but it's just a shitcake.
by Backlash1818 January 24, 2019
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The icing of a poplar Vietnamese cake used traditionally in the celebratory semester of a wedding
The two chefs went out to their local shops to find some "shitcake" to later use for icing the wedding cake.
by Its my name June 24, 2018
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A Team Fortress 2 boss maker who never test his bosses before bring them on public server.
"Fuck it, shitcake still not update my new boss config yet?"
"He told me he is Engineer main, but I never seen he play as Engineer."
by 4IronBlocksAnd1PumkinHead July 08, 2021
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