The act of taking a dump then jerking your jizz on top to ice it like a cake.
Big-Red went into the toilet to take a shit, the guests were then escorted into the bathroom to see the lovely shit cake he made.
by Fagabeefy January 16, 2010
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expression used to express distaste for a state of affairs
"Shitcakes!" George said, as he found out about the bank closing early.
by mattastic.biz December 19, 2016
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1. A baked article, usually consisting of egg, flour, milk, sugar, and solid excretory materials.

2. A non-standard vulgarism, typically describing and/or resulting from pain, annoyance, or grievance, optionally consolidated within a string of such vocabulary. Must not be used in conjunction with the personal.
"Here, I've baked some Shitcakes"

"Oh, Shitcakes," "F*cking cretinous Shitcakes!"

However, the following is incorrect;
"What a Shitcake."
by John141 November 17, 2005
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That crap your mom makes.
A cake that tastes like shit.
"MMM great shit cake auntie Maurine!"

"Always glad to try a slice of your shitcake!"

"What a load of shitcake!"

"Anybody for Shitcake?"
by Sopdiedop January 03, 2008
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When you poop on a girls tits and pound it with your dick so it looks like a cake.
Hank:I gave Jenny some shit cakes last night.

Jeff:Shit dude, me to!
by magoo112 November 16, 2009
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