large mounded mass of turd that has so amply filled the toilet that a portion of the turd has risen above toilet water level, with the greater part of its bulk under the water, often inducing pride and relief in the deliverer

Hey everyone, come and take a look at my shitberg!
by Ayj August 01, 2006
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When a person takes a shit into the toilet in such a way that a piece of the shit sticks out above the water.
We're going to have a contest to see how tall of a shitberg we can coil into the toilet.
by Pacos Bill May 23, 2006
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When you dump such a massive deuce that it piles out to the water. The brown tip of the shitberg only hints at the volume of nastiness lurking in the depths.
J- Oh man, I just crapped out a shitberg that could sink the Titanic.

B- I'll never let go Jack, I'll never let go! Blahahaha!
by renoryn March 13, 2009
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A single turd of substantial size that pokes out of the water, but has most of its mass underneath the water.
Rob said upon leaving the toilet "I've just laid a shitberg. It was big enough to sink the Titanic!".
by Dangerous dave February 08, 2012
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When one takes such an enormous shit that about 10% of it piles up over the water.
"Oh my god, Jeff just dropped a shitberg and now the toilet's plugged up."

"I have to go even more, but that shitberg's getting kinda close."
by pingueculae January 04, 2013
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An Iceberg formed entirely of feces. Typically associated with things much worse than the tip of an Iceberg.
Today was just the tip of the shitberg that this week has been.
by Sceep May 23, 2019
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Noun: a floater that is 10% above the water, but 90% of its mass is below the surface
After being constipated for nearly a week, Gerald produced a shitberg.
by Gormley October 16, 2007
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