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a monster that rises from the toilet to put shit in your mouth
a shit monster almost killed a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of mine
by asspro67 October 04, 2005
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A shit that is so massive and repulsive that there is no possible hopes of flushing it, so it ends up brewing in the toilet for days on end. The longer the shitmonster brews the stronger it grows. A key ingredient to the shitmonster is piss that has accumulated from other roomates over the days. The shitmonster eventually reaches a stage when no one can tolerate the shitmonster and the room unites to once and for all defeat the dreaded shitmonster by going on a quest to unclog the toilet. It is imperative that the creator of the shitmonster extols the final blow and slays the shitmonster.

Originally discovered at the George Washington University, the worlds first shitmonster haunted a certain group of young men for weeks. It is unknown if it is the first actual shitmonster or the first recorded. WARNING: Some shit monsters may result in death, delusions, loss of smell sight and taste and all basic motor functions.
I can't be too sure guys, but I may have just layed a shitmonster in the toilet.
by ShitSlayer February 08, 2011
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"shitmonster" a stinking most probally old man who is surrounded by the smell of shit and dresses like a tramp and is just in a bad state
oh my god that old geezer is a shit monster look at him urgh!
by Ford farm massiv March 02, 2005
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Person who has a poo that explodes like a pyroclastic flow out of a volcano, causing large amounts of shit stains all over the bowl. When the toilet is flushed the water does not reach all the shit stains.

The person also does not have the decency to clear up afterwards. The smell afterwards is so putrefying that it makes your nose bleed.
OMG don't let that girl use your toilet, she's a shit-monster!!

looks like the shit-monster has struck again!!
by al copella May 30, 2011
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