Totally dropping the ball. Not coming through on something.
When Mike didn't show up for practice, he totally shit the bed on the rest of the band members.
by Glen W. June 09, 2005
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Something that is truly unbelievable and not good. An event or occurance that is stunning, and not positive.
Joe forgot to bring the beer......... SHIT THE BED!!!
by HollafortheDolla July 05, 2009
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1. A phrase that has become synonymous with "pro" poker player and pseudo-baller Micon on his very own poker forum, NWP.

2. To make unsound business decisions, squander your funds and the funds of others, and generally fuck up your life at every turn. (See previous definition as prime example.)
Damn....Micon done shit the bed again??!!!
by micon's ego August 08, 2008
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1, To express being shocked or amazed by something.

2. What you would say to a work colleague who arrives much too
early for work in the morning.
1, "I couldn't believe it, I totally shit the bed"

2. "What are you doing here so early? Did you shit the bed or something?!"
by Alfow February 03, 2009
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1. When someone screws up beyond normal standards.

2. Someone makes themselves look like a douche-fag. To the point when you laugh your ass off.

3. When Evgeni Nabokov lets Johen Franzen score 4 goals in one period. Priceless.
"Did you see the wings games last night?!"
"No, what happened?!"

"Nabokov shit the bed, it was hilarious!"
by Drizzy Drake 19 May 07, 2010
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This person got to work unusually early.
Australian slang.
Worker still at work meets guy coming to work before he leaves.
Geez, mate, why are you here so early?
Didja shit the bed?
by perrynlorelle April 13, 2015
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Means something went terribly wrong.
Larry: "I was sleeping with this girl last night and I woke up t see she that she had shit the bed."
by UrbanLynx March 18, 2010
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