when you share info you shouldn’t or make a situation awkward
sam won’t stop stirring the pot
by ahakanabd October 28, 2019
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One term for the classic bad dance move where you rotate your arms in front of you clockwise, as if holding a big spoon with both hands and stirring a pot, while leaning your body/hips in the opposite direction to your arms. Joey on Friends did this a lot.
Oh jeez, is that guy really stirring the pot?
by Ray Babycakes July 18, 2006
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Someone who loves to proliferate the tension and drama between 2 or more feuding people/groups in public to get a raise of people in hopes of starting a shitstorm of drama and uncomfortable conflict, sometimes for personal gain but oftentimes just for the thrill of confrontation.
Mike is always spreading rumors about "whats goin' on" between Josh and Emily but we know he just loves to stir the pot.

Shirley Phelps has traveled across the country picketing US soldier's funerals with signs reading "Thank God for IED's", she has stirred the pot enough to gain national attention and even runs a site www.godhatesamerica.com
by Lord Phallus September 30, 2007
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When you take something that causes drama and use it to stir up more drama resulting in a good ol' laugh for the one stirring the pot.
Meghan loves to stir the pot when there is drama between Alex and Justin.
by queen dweeb April 5, 2017
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When someone (usually a social media dweller) has a belief or beliefs that they don't want to publicly admit to having, this phrase allows them to have an out when confronted with any backlash of their statements.
Person 1: "Question, was slavery so bad if you ended up living in the greatest country in the world?"

Person 2: "You're kidding right? People were ripped from their homes and forced to live like they were less than human. Your white privilege is showing"

Person 1: "Nawh man, I just like to Stir The Pot."
by amNomadz February 13, 2019
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to stir someone to spread rumors
all he wants to do is Stir the pot
by HH_KING November 26, 2020
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when a guy invites two girls who he is trying to hook up with to the same party. instead of both girls getting offended and losing interest in the guy for attempting to have two dates, the girls become more attracted to the guy as they battle for his attention.
Damn, look at Jamie over there with natalie AND emily on either shoulder, meanwhile I'm standing here with my dick in my hand while my date is flirting with Nik." "Dude, I tried telling you, next time you gotta stir the pot.
by Loisaidas Ave. February 9, 2011
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