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usually left behind when a terd is left on the floor and is slid on like a bannana peel.
The shit smear left by Mike's foot is about two meters long.
by nap July 29, 2004
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Usually a phenomenon left to the realm of public bathrooms or workplace bathrooms, literally a smear of shit often occuring in unexpected areas such as the floor or the wall, confusing the succeeders of the incident.
There were fresh shit smears on the wall, which may seem a strange observation to make, but he had only just been in the bathroom an hour earlier when the wall was actually just plain white tile, whereas now it had become newly decorated with what he wanted to believe were just strokes of brown paint, but he knew in his heart it was something much more human in origin.
by Eponymous Bosch November 12, 2004
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While someone is sleeping (Usually passed out), you wipe a small piece of shit under thier nose.
Billy thought his dog had farted until he looked in the mirror an realized he had been shit smeared
by rockin with dokken! March 02, 2004
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An asshole or a shit stain in the underpants.
That stupid shitsmear hick has a shitsmear the size of fuckin I-25! I can see it through his overalls!
by SoulfulZen July 19, 2005
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A smear of shit left by one farting
You left a shit smear on the seat after that big ass mutha fucking rip ass.
by JiggaBoo Pie February 24, 2004
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