A somewhat faded stain of residue primarily shit due to lack of wiping the asshole or just a gross asshole on a woman.
Dude she isn't hott, I bet she has shit ring.
by Noob Saibot September 22, 2005
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A ring around your butthole made of poorly wiped shit can be used pulral for shit rings
by Busted cooter January 26, 2020
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To receive or make a phone call while taking a crap.
To Give:

"Hey I was having a shit earlier, so I decided to shit ring Gary!"

To receive:
"It was fucking gross earlier, Dave shit rang me, he was like 'HEY GARY I'M TAKING A SHIT HAHAHAHAHA'..."
by Wolf3h August 05, 2009
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to have explosive, gas-laden dihorrea so bad that is peppers the toilet pan with a yellowy speckled spray of liquid shit. It may actually stick to the underside of the seat.
Avoid the dirty burgers from there, you'll shit your ring off.
by Al December 28, 2004
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The potential for even the most seemingly benign, well-meaning activity, event or plan to become unrecognizably deranged due to the predictably spirit-crushing, self-serving, greedy or otherwise destructive effect of human influence.
So much for 'sunday school'...another priest got caught with his pants down and turned the whole thing into a three ring shit-show
by YAWA July 14, 2017
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A nasty wore out and abused asshole usually of a pornstar or a anal sex lover with a gaped asshole
Damn look at that bitch i bet she has a shit ring ya it looks like a chewed up piece of bubblegum
by Anal disease December 23, 2017
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