2 definitions by Noob Saibot

A somewhat faded stain of residue primarily shit due to lack of wiping the asshole or just a gross asshole on a woman.
Dude she isn't hott, I bet she has shit ring.
by Noob Saibot September 22, 2005
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The most perfect tits a man could put his eyes on, the tits that match so god damn proportional with her body it makes you shiver, especially when she wears those tite white shirts in class and you can see her very fine small rounded nipples with her tanned silky boobs, uhhh.
"Guys, LOOK! danas voluptuous titties are hanging out of her black v-neck shirt, they're so god damn bouncy, smooth, and round!"
by Noob Saibot January 9, 2006
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