Yes Hey Eric, you know what day it is?
No Daniel i don’t , what day is it?

National drink your bestfriends cum day COME HERE

April 12th when told to their bestfriend they must drink their bestfriends semen
by rekcilyttit April 11, 2021
national eat-a-frisbee day

the day you have to eat an entire frisbee. if you dont you have to burn all
your shoes.
bro-fam: dude its april 12th, have you eaten your frisbee yet?
guy-dude: ah you have a lighter on you? i have to burn my shoes.
by solikewhatsyourtype April 11, 2018
April 12th is stay up on discord chatting to your friend.
by lxver seii April 11, 2022
Bully anyone that starts with the letter J day, where you bully anyone that has their first name start with J.
"Yeah man its April 12th, lets bully Jade."
"I almost forgot its April 12th, go bully Jared."
by densityy April 12, 2018
Manipulative, toxic guys were born this day!!
Austins birthday is April 12th!!!, he must be toxic,
by ZodiacB¡tch18 March 20, 2021
National Boob touch day.Touch anyone’s boobs.
*touches boobs*
April 12th where you touch boobs
by Jfjdjdndudbdjdbdj April 11, 2019